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Roy Shildt did not doctor Steve Wiebe's boards


Roy Shildt DID NOT doctor Steve Wiebe's DK Computer boards. Brice Richards is a LIAR hired by Twin Galaxies to defame Roy BECAUSE Twin Galaxies was BOOTED AGAIN from submitting video game scores to the Guinness Book WRs !

Shed the stress and worry of everyday douche bags and enjoy honest complete information. Jeff Blair was the FIRST person to achieve a regonized TGTS Arcade Missile Command score of 1,040,475 points@ 100rounds (4" trackball, SLOW cursor) which is included in the score of 1,874,925 points Twin Galaxies submitted to Guinness WRs for the 2011 Gamer Edition page 207!

The NEW Twin Galaxies supposedly owned by JACE HALL is still the same DISHONEST scumbag scoreboard it has always been UNTILL they appropriately indicate the Trakball size & Cursor speed that's known for EVERY Arcade Missile Command score in their database! QUESTIONS: Contact 

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