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Dwayne Richard a former TG (Twin Galaxies) referee is a CHEATER! He and Walter Day/TG cheated Donald Hayes from the overall title @ FUNSPOT in 2002 by allowing Dwayne Richard to play an extra game AFTER the 5 P.M. deadline! UNFORTUNATELY it can never be proven Dwayne Richard cheated to the "Player of the Year" title in 1986 by virtue of unfair knowledge of game selection! At the "KONG OFF - 3" Nov. 2013 TG/Richie Knucklez once again FAILED to adhere to the Guinness WR player on machine rotation rule from 1985! "Kong Off-4" was a joke! Instead of single eliminations, every player should have played one game on every machine and then an average score computed! The KONG OFFs allow Billy Mitchell the opportunity to "poach" the tips and tricks of the best players so Billy can replay the scores he cheated! Tony Temple is NOT the overall Arcade missile command champion because he plays on the INCORRECT 4" Trakball/ Fast Cursor.

There is always a way to CHEAT someone out of something with Twin Galaxies! 

The Twin Galaxies Arcade Missile Command Expert Skill Index combining Tournament and Marathon scores is a sick joke to allow inferior players to become champions by playing on the WRONG trakball settings with obsolete marathon scores! 

Shockandawesome Classic Arcade Video Game Pentahlon Hall of Fame!

1) Donkey Kong

2) Missile Command-Roy Daarstad Schildt-TGTS/1,437,395points@100 rounds (4" trackball, SLOW cursor) GWRs 2014

3) Cheyenne

4) Tron

5) Return of the Jedi


"Highest score records are meaningless because of the tremendous variance between the games and cassettes available for play at home and in arcades. Each machine, each joy stick setting, each environment is different so that skill and endurance cannot be measured and compared with precision. Therefore the only records worth publishing are those of contest winners."- Guinness WRs 1985****FOLLOW THE RULES**** ANYONE can have a partnership with Guinness WRs. You can apply to GWRs directly to play your world record and then use scoreboards such as Twin Galaxies to help verify the record. Then get recognition directly from GWRs so that your score doesn't get "poached" &/or taken away at a later date!